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National NBT36-1 Boom Truck

Job Site Benefits: Performance You Can Rely On

  • Multiple boom options and 100 percent aerial and lifting capabilities make the NBT40-1 Series extremely versatile

  • New decking and ladders for easier access

  • Lighter polymeric outrigger floats are easier and lighter than traditional floats

  • Ergonomic cab and radio remote controls

  • Utilization enhancing options such as the 2-stage jib, personnel platforms and wireless radio remotes for optimum versatility

Options and Lift Solutions

  • Aerial lift package

  • Platform hydraulic tool circuit with pressure intensifier manifold

  • Auxiliary hoist

  • Wind speed sensor (readout available in operator cab and aerial lift platform)

  • Five-function radio remotes

  • K100™ synthetic rope

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF

Manitex TC400

Versatile. Affordable. User friendly.

The TC400 series telescopic cranes are built to meet the wide-ranging needs of owner operators who may use it for residential construction one day and bridge work the next. No matter what the task, the 40-ton line of telescopic crane is designed to get you to the job and on the job quickly. 
With it, you can:

  • Travel to and between job sites at highway speed on a commercial chassis

  • Set up quickly with radio outrigger controls

  • Operate comfortably and confidently in its tiltable cab

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF

Link-Belt RTC 8050 II

Remarkable control, reliability and capacity performance

  • Powerful diesel engine and direct coupled transmission

  • Hydraulic disc brakes for both service brakes and parking brake

  • Weather proof electrical connectors and relays throughout for outstanding long-term reliability

  • Full lighting package includes cab lights, headlights, turn indication, marker, backup, and stop

  • Pre-painted components and plated hardware

  • Complete Link-Belt vision packageincluding right-sideswing, main and auxiliarywinch, and rear-view cameras

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.

Link-Belt RTC 8065 II 

  • Fully rigged transport of less than90,000 lbs |40 823 kg

  • Market leading capacity for its class

  • 4-Link suspension with optionalHydro-gas ride system

Jobsite maneuverability

  • Folding front and rear ladders to prevent damage during loading and unloading for transport

  • Rugged, lightweight steel pontoons with storage locations for transport

  • Steering modes are chosen and performed with the steering wheel and include independent front, combination, “crab”, and independent rear steering.

  • Wide profile lug-type tires for excellent traction in muddy and sanding conditions

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.


Jam-packed with power, control & reliability!

  • Electronic throttle for improved throttle response

  • Three automotive-style batteries linked in parallel and provide 700 cold cranking amps for cold weather starting

  • Rugged, lightweight steel pontoons

  • Metri-Pak wire harnesses have sealed relays and connectors throughout for outstanding long-term reliability.

Operator cab features:

  • Large front window for excellent visibility

  • Tinted glass

  • Sliding right side and rear windows and swing-up top window provide excellent ventilation

  • Integral rated capacity limiter aids the operator in safe and efficient operation by continuously monitoring boom length, boom angle, head height, radius of load, machine configuration, allowed load and percent of allowed load.

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.

Link-Belt HTC 86100

Roomier and quieter operator’s cab

  • Extra large windows throughout for excellent visibility

  • Excellent ventilation via a large sliding door, side and rear windows, and hinged roof window

  • Single or dual axis, hydraulic operated controller mounted on armrestfor outstanding operator comfort

  • 6-way adjustable power tilting seat

  • All gauges, switches, indicators, and controls are located in the operator’s forward line of sight

  • All gauges and switches are backlit forexcellent visibility in low light conditions

  • Winch and right side swing view cameras

  • In cab comfort is maintained by the standard heater and air conditioning

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.

Link-Belt HTC 86110 - New crane!

Operator’s cab provides ergonomic comfort and control

  • Extra-large windows throughout for excellent visibility

  • Single or dual axis, electronic operated controller mounted on armrest for outstanding operator comfort

  • 6-way adjustable power tilting seat

  • All gauges and switches are backlit for excellent visibility in low light conditions

All new lattice fly erection and stowing assist cylinder with new efficient jib pinning design for ease of assembly/ disassembly

Comfort Carrier Cab:

  • Dash-mounted comprehensive instrumentation with back-lit gauge

  • Fully adjustable air-ride fabric seat

  • Suspended pedals

  • Cruise Control

The only greaseless, high-capacity formed booms designed and built in North America!

Road and job site ready!

  • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) −12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic

  • Job site travel is permissible with counterweight for exceptional job site versatility.

Work light package — Standard with illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation including illuminated storage

  • Four illuminated locking storage boxes

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.

Tadano ATF-100G-4

Telescopic boom

  • 6 sections, made of high tensile, fine-grained steel, consisting of 1 base section and 5 telescopingsections extended by means of a single telescopic cylinder.

  • All telescope sections extendable under partial load. 36.4 ft(11.1 m) to 168.0 ft (51.2 m) long. Boom head with 7 sheaves.


  • 1st axle: steered, not driven.

  • 2nd axle: steered, driven.

  • 3rd axle: steered, driven, with transverse and longitudinal differential lock.

  • 4th axle: steered, driven, with transverse differential lock.

Carrier cab

  • Two-man full width cab of composite (steel sheet metal and fibre-glass) structure, with safety glass,air-cushioned adjustable seats (driver seat with heater) and engine dependent water heater, air conditioning, radio/ CD-player, complete controls and instrumentation for roadtravel. Cruise control with hill breaking feature functions.

Link-Belt ATC 3210

Outstanding mobility on the road and on the job site 

  • Five stage in tarder brake control lever

  • Three stage engine compression brake

  • Ether injection system – optional

  • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) — 12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic

  • 2-Speed auxiliary transmission

  • Job site travel is permissible with all 115,500 lbs (52.4 t) of counterweight for exceptional job site versatility: ATC: 0.58 mph (0.93 km/hr) job site travel

  • Highway speeds unmatched in the industry today: up to 62 mph (99.78 km/hr)

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 2.13.28 PM.png

Link-Belt ATC 3210 — Newest Addition to our fleet

Best All-terrain crane on the market

  • Outstanding mobility on the road and on the job site

  • Unlike any all-terrain, the ATC-3210 can travel at a highway speed of 62 mph | 100kph

  • Tier 4f off-highway emission compliant engine

  • 2013 EPA on-highway emission-compliant engine

  • Next generation tilting operator’s cab up to 20°

  • Pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility

  • Job site travel is permissible with all 115,500 lbs. | 52.4t of counterweight for exceptional job site versatility

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF. 

Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1

The LTM 1200-5.1 has a very long telescopic boom which can be extended using various lattice extensions and a folding jib. Its entire operating range features outstanding load capacities.  Sales and Service- Our customers can rely on a worldwide sales and service network. Liebherr stands for outstanding safety standards and top performance. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure this. The main focus of this work is to ensure customer benefits.
A long telescopic boom, high capacities, an extraordinary mobility as well as a comprehensive comfort and safety configuration distinguish the mobile crane 1200-5.1 from Liebherr. The 200-tonne crane offers state of the art technology for more convenience in practical operation.

  • 72 m long telescopic boom and 7 m telescopic boom extension

  • 12.2 m – 36 m long folding fly jib, hydraulically adjustable (option)

  • Capacity 10.6 t at the 72 m long telescopic boom

  • Great flexibility of use due to optimum lifting capacities with full and partial ballast

  • Active, speed-depending rear-axle steering

  • Pneumatic disc brakes

  • LICCON2-control with mobile control and display unit BTT

Tadano ATF 220G-5



  • Hoist camera

  • Outrigger load display in upper cab with control box

  • Upper lockable tool box

  • Hydraulic Telescopic Luffing Jib (HTLJ)

  • Tire pressure monitor system

  • Anti-fall protection on boom

Design Enhancements

  • Multi-function display with full diagnostic system

  • Advanced AML-F superstructure crane control

  • Integrated heavy lift jib

  • Flat front lower windscreen

  • LED chassis lighting

Link-Belt ATC 3275

Invest in a legacy of outstanding customer support

  • Distributor support personnel - Factory- trained technicians are specifically tested to establish proficiency in all aspects of crane diagnostics and repair.

  • Factory product support team - Supporting your trained distributor personnel are experienced factory advisors with comprehensive records and technical libraries that stand ready to resolve any crane service issue.

  • Parts Distribution Center -72,000 sq. ft. Parts Distribution Center averages an over 90% parts availability rate


  • Link-Belt is committed to the design, manufacture and service of quality products that satisfy the needs of its customers worldwide. Link-Belt operates on the principles of continuous quality improvement, ISO 9001, and established values that support the vision of quality. These principles result in reduction in waste, better use of company resources and improved employee and customer satisfaction

Click here for the Specifications and Charts PDF.

Liebherr LTM1250-6.1


LIEBHERR 6-axle carrier with hydro-pneumatic NIVEAUMATIC-SUSPENSION with level adjustment. LIEBHERR diesel engine with 450 kW (612 HP) exhaust emission ace. to 97/68/EC and EPA/CARS. ZF TC-Tronic transmission with torque converter and retarder. Transfer gearbox. Drive 12 x 6. Tyres 525/80 R 25 (20.5 R 25), ZF-steering system - 2 circuits, axles 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 steered, crab walk. Compressedairservobrakesystem- 2 circuits.  Axles,  driveshaftsandsuspensioncylinders demandinglow maintenance. Spacious,  corrosion resistant carrier cabin with engine-independent heating incl. timer and CO-radio. Hydraulic outriggers with rigidly mounted outrigger pads. Electronic inclinometer, electronic supporting pressure indication, automatic support levelling. Illumination of supporting area. Acoustic reverse drive alarm. Manoeuvring coupling at front and rear. Standard acceptance tests of carrier.


LIEBHERR roller-bearing slewing ring connecting carrier and superstructure. Central greasing. LIEBHERR diesel engine with 180 kW (245 HP), exhaust emission ace. to 97/68/EC and EPA/CARB. Hydraulic system with 2 axial-piston swivel pumps with electronic capacity control for luffing and telescoping gear with open oil circuits, one axial-piston swivel pump each for slewing and hoisting gear with closed oil circuit. Electro-hydraulic control of crane. Oil cooler. Telescopic boom consisting of the pivot section and 5 telescope sections, boom length 236', TELEMATIK. Galvanised and powder-coated superstructure cabin with engine-independent heating incl.  timerand CO-radio. Tiltable hydraulically backwards by20°. Counterweight 159,500 lbs,  automatic ballasting from superstructure cabin. Safety devices including LICCON overload safety indicator with electronic inclinometer (incl. standard program). TEST SYSTEM for servicing. LICCON-Lift Planner. Wind gauge. Flight warning light. Standard acceptance tests of crane.