Texas Crane Services
Established 1976



Our History


TEXAS CRANE SERVICES was founded in 1976 as H & H Crane Service, Inc. In November of 1992, the company was purchased by local San Antonio owners. In July of 1995, the name of the company was changed from H & H Crane Service to TEXAS CRANE SERVICES. This name change was done to enhance the company’s brand and position it to serve a broader market. Soon after this name change the company underwent a number of management changes that resulted in a significant increase in sales. In July of 1996 TEXAS CRANE SERVICES purchased Capital Cranes in Austin, Texas. This purchase gave the company a much stronger presence in Austin. The result of this expansion was a sixty five percent increase of year to year average monthly sales volume.

In a continuing effort to further the company’s long term strategy of broadening its geographical market and its customer base, in 1999 TEXAS CRANE SERVICES entered into the Tower Crane rental and sales market.  In 2005 because of market changes and competitive pressures the company divested itself of the tower crane fleet and redirected its efforts towards its core market, the maintained and operated crane rental business.

In 2001, in an effort to improve its quality of service and safety TEXAS CRANE SERVICES added a full time and extensively trained Safety Director to its management team. The benefits have been seen in an improved safety record that benefits the company’s employees and customers.  The company also added a comprehensive cost control initiative to its short term business strategy. By employing an extensive and updated purchase order procedure and a more effective labor cost control plan the company has improved its bottom line. In 2016 with the addition of new and more technically experienced sales representatives the company has added value to its services for the company's customers. Today, TEXAS CRANE SERVICES has cranes of a greater variety and tonnage capacity than ever in its history. The company is focused on continuing to serve its long-term core group of customers as well as expanding its energy services market share.

Local ownership, managerial and sales changes, and a broadening of the company’s market base have served to make TEXAS CRANE SERVICES the leader in safety and the most professional crane service in all of Central Texas, South Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley. The company intends to further solidify its stronghold in its main service market through continued expansion of its customer base. The company is privately owned and focused solely on the crane rental business. TEXAS CRANE SERVICES is not a private equity firm with a focus only on the bottom line. TEXAS CRANE SERVICES is focused on renting cranes to its customers and providing them with on-time and safe service.

Moving the Fairmont Hotel (1985). Photo: Courtesy SA Conservation Society

Moving the Fairmont Hotel (1985).
Photo: Courtesy SA Conservation Society

One-of-a-kind Long Reach
Excavator (1992).

"Big Tex" First All Terrain Crane in San Antonio (1993).

Setting Tilt Wall Panels with 300 Ton DeMag (1996).

Largest Conventional Truck Crane (1998).

DeMag Luffing Jib at Historic SBC Building (2007)

DeMag Luffing Jib at Historic SBC Building (2007)

La Antorcha de la Amistad (2011).

Historic Tobin Center for the Arts Renovation (2012).

Historic Tobin Center for the Arts Renovation (2012).



Statement of Business

Texas Crane Services continuously strives to provide quality, on-time and safe service to every customer.

This statement is presented to clarify to everyone, customers and employees alike, the most compelling advantage a customer will gain by doing business with TEXAS CRANE SERVICES and its employees. What does the company do that puts it above all of our competitors? What are our strengths?

There are two most important things that separate us from our competitors. These two things are the quality of our employees and safety before price.

We will always conduct ourselves as professionals and will always be courteous to our customers. Customer satisfaction will always be our focus. TEXAS CRANE SERVICES employees are well groomed and dress professionally. Our equipment is kept in safe working order and presented to our customers in professional, tip-top working condition.

Secondly, from job-sizing to price quotes to billing; from on-time service to standards of safety, our customers will never be misled. If we are going to be late for a job we will call our customers and tell them. If we cannot do a customer’s job safely we will tell them. We will never charge our customer more than what was agreed to. If dropping our prices means sacrificing any of these service standards, then we will not drop prices. Our customers can always rely on us. Each employee will take every opportunity to enthusiastically tell our customers about the quality and reliability of our operators and our equipment.

TEXAS CRANE SERVICES statement of business is what will make our name come up in our customer’s mind whenever they think about our service. Every TEXAS CRANE SERVICES employee believes in this statement of business. They make it a part of everything they do in their efforts to provide quality service to our customers. Everyone who is a member of this organization should believe in and live up to their company’s statement of business.